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Burdocks is well known as a stop off point and regular haunt for the Great and Good from the world of Politics, Literature, Hollywood Movies and Rock and Pop. Our famous patrons from home and abroad are regularly seen to be part of the queue with our regular customers, to enjoy the best Fish and Chips in Dublin. The growing list of many of these famous customers can be viewed while you wait for your order to be prepared on our “Hall of Fame”.


“Cast Of Good

“Iron Man Chef

“The Crew Of

Abi Titmuss

Aidan Quinn

Al Roker

Alan Rickman


Anne Doyle

Anthony Bourdain

B.B. King


Begger Bush

Ben Dunne

Ben Kingsley

Bernard Dunne

Bertie Ahern

Billy Bob Thorton

Billy Connolly

Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh

Bobby Flay”


Brenda Fricker

Brendan Bowyer

Brendan Grace

Brian Dobson

Brian Kerr

Bruce Springsteen & Band

Caroline Corr

Cast Of Scrubs

Charlie Landsborough

Charlize Theron

Cheryl Baker

Chris Barry

Christy Turlington

Colin Farrell

Colm Meaney

Craig Charles

Craig Doyle

Curtis Stigers


Damien Duff

Daniel Day Lewis

Dara Ó Briain

Dave Young

David Dickinson

David O’leary


Dickie Rock

Don Baker

Eamon Coughlan

Eamon Dunphy

Eddie Jordan

Edith Piaf

Eileen Reed

Ellen Barkin

Francis Black

Frankie Goes

Gabriel Byrne

Gareth O’callaghan

Gay Byrne

George Michael Band

Gerald Keene

Gilbert O’sullivan

Glenda Gilson

Harry Crosbie

Hazel O’connor

Jackie Chan

James Spader

Jason Byrne

Jason Patric

Jean Butler

Jimmy Greeley

Joe Elliott

Joe O’toole

Joel Schumacher

John Divine

John Giles

John Kenny

John Malkovich

John Mulhern

Johnny Sexton

Johnny Vegas

Katie Couric

Keith Barry

Ken Doherty

Kevin Moran

Larry Mullins

Liam Neeson

Liam Quigley

Liam Reilly

Lisa Murphy

Ll Cool J’s Crew

Louie Walsh

Luke Kelly

Maire O’broughan

Meredith Vieira


Mick Jagger

Morning America”

Moss Keane

Nancy Griffith

Naomi Campbell

Natasha Richardson

Natasha Rocca Devine

Neil Jordan

Niall Quinn

Nick Byrne

Noel V Ginnity

Noel V Ginnity


Packie Bonner

Paddy Casey

Paddy Mulligan

Paolo Tullio

Pat Henry

Pat Short

Patrick Stewart

Paul Golden

Peter Andre

Ray Tracy

Richard Corrigan

Richard Harris

Ricky Paul Golden

Rod Stewart

Rod Taylor

Ron Howard

Ronnie Drew

Russell Crowe

Ruth Buchanan

Ryan Turbity

Sandra Bullock

Sarah Kavanagh

Scot Williams

Serena Williams

Shane Filan

Shane Horgan

Sil Fox

Sinead O’connor

Snoop Dogg

Spandau Ballet

Stephen Gately

Stuart Townsend

The Darkness

The Frames

The Joe Cocker Band

The Mtv Awards”

The Thrills

The Zutons

The Zutons

To Hollywood

Tom Cruise

Tony Kenny

Trevor Nelson

Tv3 Crew


Venus Williams


William Shatner

Grand master Larry Tatum

Grand master Patrick S. Kennedy

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