leo burdock history
Over the Years
‘Burdocks’ has seen a great deal of change, from serving up piping hot food during the 1916 rising, which seen Ireland gain independence from Britain, and over the two World Wars when the shops had to close temporarily during WW2 due to shortages. Alas, by 1939 the effects of the last war had a drastic impact on the family business with the supply of ingredients and fuel being scarce, eventually only one shop survived, the original Leo Burdocks in Christchurch.

Many generations of Dubliners have grown up carrying away a ‘great oul feed’, as it was known for generous portions of the freshest quality fish and the tastiest chips in Dublin, the lasting proof of its success is in the almost never-ending queues, which speaks for itself.

But what has changed about “Burdocks”, well we now wrap food orders in paper sheets, but originally our food was wrapped in day old newspapers, so it used to be said that you could eat and read the news at the same time.
staff cooking fresh fish
christchurch store front over the decades